Hugo Perdomo

I'm an IT student who loves developing all things web related.

Current Toolbox:

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A little background

As a freshman in college I thought pursuing a career in finance was the most secure option. A year in, I discovered that a "secure" plan doesn't always mean a plan that I will enjoy, and that was when I realized that I was in the wrong career path. A class about tech in business deeply marked me and made me realize that I really enjoy the world of computing and problem solving. I made the choice to pursue a career in tech and ever since I've been loving the community and the amazing things you can do with just a computer and creativity.

I am also a huge fan of Hackathons, I think they are the reason why I've grown so much as a developer. Staying in touch and meeting new fellow developers really keeps me engaged and increased my desire to learn more and keep up with my peers.

If you are trying to find me, I live in the NJ/NYC area. Here's a map of where I am located just because I think Mapbox is really awesome.